We’re here in France…and with a valid visa!

We really appreciated Allison’s expertise and how calm she is. We often would hear her say things like, « It’s fine, don’t worry, I see this all the time, this is what we’re going to do », reassuring us that whatever it was, it was completely normal. We didn’t know what to expect from the French side but we knew that it wasn’t going to be like walking into an English civil service office and that the American attitude wouldn’t work. With Allison guiding us, we felt like we were in very competent hands.

When we first went on the VFS website on our own, we felt like they were asking us to give lots of information without telling us what we should be doing. It felt like we were shooting in the dark. The explanations they gave on the France-Visas site were not helpful at all and were confusing. We weren’t confident we were going to easily fit into a box until Allison clearly explained it all. It really gave us peace of mind knowing that Allison was there to help us. We knew that if we were thrown some oddball thing at the interview, Allison would just be a message away to help us deal with it.

We actually didn’t speak to anyone else and chose to work with Allison from the start. Allison offered a whole package with admin support that made us very comfortable with our choice. She offers a lot of info on the website and lots of comprehensive stuff in the package like recommendations for lots of other professionals. The fact that she’s American really appealed to us too, because if you’re dealing with a French person, they’re seeing it from the French perspective, not from an American perspective.

Working with Allison really took a lot of uncertainty out of the process.

We recommend working with Allison under any circumstances – if someone needs help with moving, visas, applied for the wrong visa, or just don’t know what to do next,

– Carol & Kerry

Carol & Kerry applied for their Long-Stay Visitor visas in summer 2021 and have successfully relocated to the PACA region, using our Retirement Concierge Package!