As the year progresses and many of you begin identifying your plans for moving this year, I begin to get more requests daily for the free 30-minute clarity call I offer to help people jumpstart their relocation to France, and in the new year, the requests always pick up. It’s normal – people, including me, think, new year, new me, and want to take that first step into pursuing their dreams and goals.

But how do you know if you’re truly ready to get on a Clarity Call to begin your Franceformation? Because not everyone who requests those calls is really ready to begin the process or is at the right stage in the journey to benefit from one of these calls.

If you’re far out from your move, and you’re not ready to begin the visa process within the next few months, we recommend starting with a full one-hour consultation, because that type of call gives you the opportunity to ask ALL of the questions you can think of about the visa process, moving to France, and even talking through all of your different visa options, weighing the pros and cons of each choice. With a full consultation, you’re the one who sets the agenda, and you get access to my expertise and my time to answer your questions.

In a Clarity Call, the focus is a bit different. Because it’s a shorter call, we don’t have time to discuss a lot of detailed questions and weigh all of the options, and because the call is free, I expect you to come prepared, having done your research (and likely having read Foolproof French Visas). I have a specific set of questions I have developed over the years to vet your relocation plan, ensure you’ve thought through the long term consequences and implications of your plan, and to identify the areas where you might need support during the process. While you may have an opportunity to ask one or two questions, the call is fairly narrowly focused on what you need to be able to take action towards pursuing your Franceformation today.

And because we have limited space available every week, we give priority for these calls to those who are close to starting the visa process and with the types of projects we typically work on. While the Clarity Call isn’t a sales call, per se – there’s absolutely no pressure to work with us – we do often explore package options and take on clients during and after these calls.

This means that if your likely move is relatively far away, or if you don’t know what your visa situation looks like just yet, you’ll want to schedule a full consultation or read Foolproof French Visas during your information gathering stage. If it’s not the ideal time for you to have a clarity call just yet, you can request one when you get closer to your move. And in the meantime, if you do schedule a paid consultation with us, we apply the cost of the consultation towards a service package within 3 months.

Don’t forget that if you just have a quick question, or don’t have the budget for a consultation, I also host free Q&A calls every month, which you are welcome to join. Whatever your timeline or your budget, we’re eager to help you to achieve your dream.