Welcome to Episode #27 of Profiles in Franceformation. This is your host, Allison Grant Lounes. And today I’m interviewing Kate Bickers, who retired to France post-COVID. Since arriving in the Var near Nice, Kate has launched a Singles in France Facebook group and has become involved with the American Club of the Riviera, jumping right into creating a fun and exciting new life in France.

During our conversation, you will also learn:

  • What Kate did to ensure she had a social network in her new hometown in the French Riviera
  • Her unique housing situation for nine months out of the year and what she experienced when purchasing real estate in France
  • What her experience with OFII was like and how this has compared to some of the experiences Allison has seen in other departments of France
  • The various activities Kate has been involved in throughout her time in Nice
  • Why Kate loves the “bonjour” culture of the French and how she misses it when she travels back to the States
  • Kate’s favorite places she has visited in France and what she would recommend to others to explore as well
  • The difference between driving in France and the US, and why this might be Kate’s only complaint about living in France
  • Her favorite things about living in France including the art, the culture, the people, the lifestyle and the food!
  • The sage advice Kate would offer to anyone hoping to move to France

For additional information on the Facebook groups Kate created as well as the American Club of the Riviera:

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