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This week’s questions include:
❓Is it normal to have to have a French Marriage certificate (even if married in the USA) in addition to the livret de famille? Oh my, I submitted all that for the livret de famille, to register our marriage with the embassy… so we have to redo it every time we need a visa?
OK, so once you have your marriage registered with the embassy, then you just fill out a form. I think I did fill it out online and requested it, but they didn’t ask for all those documents (since my my marriage is already registered with the embassy?)

❓What type of visa does my US employer need to sponsor when they transfer me from Dallas to our Paris office for a senior-level role (Director or VP) so that I work there a few years and then retire in France, becoming a French citizen in due course?
❓How long do I have to work in France in order to be eligible to retire and receive French pension? In the US one needs 40 quarters of contributions (about 10 years) to qualify for Social Security, is it the same in France? Longer? Shorter?
❓okay, is there any sort of work-related visa that will can be adjusted to permanent residency? My US salary is above 150k, so French should be at least 100-120k EUR

❓If we are on a VLS-TS visa (retirees) and my wife writes a screenplay or novel, can she shop it to an American publisher and be paid or does that also require a working visa like perhaps an artiste visa?

Once there, how do I then extend my 1 year long term visitor visa and when can I apply for residency? How long do I need to be in France before applying for residency? Is the long term visa for one year at a time?

❓Is the long term visa for one year at a time?

❓What if we start as retirees and then I start a business at some point?

❓My attorney has told me that Ireland is so backed up that my EU citizenship likely won’t come through before I move to Paris in August. I should have it by the end of 2022, or early 2023. Since I intend to work remotely here, what visa is my safest “stop gap” visa until I receive the EU papers? Can I fly under the radar with the Long Stay Visa until that time or will that impede working once I get the EU credentials?

❓I am wondering if student visa is the best avenue for someone hoping to refocus their career to live and work in France in tourism, events management or cultural projects. I am worried about the internship and job hunt in a career transition as a 42 year old. My French is C1 level so I am confident in my abilities but worried that might not be enough to compete. What is the best advice for me to make contacts and test the waters in this field in terms of openness to someone of my profile?

❓I did a quick visit and talked to some university program representatives in November but not really anyone just working in the field as much. Perhaps there are reputable websites for job openings or average salaries to see how things are looking generally? I have never done career counseling or similar searches and am wary of cost when trying to save for a transition on a shoestring budget.

❓Is there a good checklist of items to consider to be sure to build a solid budget for a year – three years of live as a student? perhaps specific considerations for someone applying for student visa who may have extra health costs (over 40 and a few regular meds)?

❓Is finding work while on a student visa actually possible? Maybe teaching English if no other part-time work will hire an older American student?

What are the options to come as an academic? I teach philosophy online at a community college and they’re not helpful in terms of any paperwork or support. I can teach and do research remotely but want to respect French immigration & tax laws. I’d like to get there in 2022. Would it be better to make a small business plan instead of trying to get a French uni or institute to accept me as an unpaid or paid visiting scholar? Or should I get another degree? I have a PhD but have been on the mommy track so no recent publications. Coming alone.
❓How can I network and get French clients & endorsements for a new small business while not yet having a microentrepreneur visa?

❓I would like to stay in France for many years to come. I am 27 and if I move to france would be unemployed. Do I stay on a visitor visa and learn french, hope that I get a job offer after a year? If I work on illustrating a book in my free time to get it published, is this “work”? Or do I go on a language visa for one year to become fluent and also work part time? Do I need to be enrolled in intensive 20hrs/week for the entire year to stay valid and can I switch language schools quarterly to try out living in new areas? Can this be a path to residency? After a one year language visa can I switch to another visa if I get a work contract or decide to get a visitor visa?

❓Is our American social security taxed?
❓Is there an inheritance tax?

❓I just read your post on working virtually in France. You say if you are in France more than 90 days you can’t be a digital nomad. So, if you are in France < 90 days can you telecommute from France without having to be an “auto entrepreneur”? (we don’t need a work visa since we have a vie familial visa – I think)

❓If you are in France >3 months but < 6 months (and not a tax resident) per year are you required to sign up for health insurance or can you just pay out of pocket for doctors visits and use your own emergency travel insurance?
❓If in France >3 months but < 6 months and not a tax resident, must you register with the mairie if you are a spouse/husband of a French citizen (who is not a tax resident)? Does the French citizen (wife) who is not a tax resident and not planning to be a tax resident have to register with the mairie or apply for health insurance?


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