Before working with Allison on my move to France, I struggled with knowing what visa to apply for, if I had a good case and how to plan my time in the States. I therefore decided to work with Allison because she seemed knowledgeable and the price point was right where I wanted it to be. While working with her, I received a clear program and assistance understanding things I needed to do in order to obtain my visa successfully.

Allison has a knack for knowing what will and won’t work for a business plan. Her Complete French Business Incubator program helps you get clear on your business before putting your plan together. Another added benefit is that taking the time to set this up really does put you in a great position to start a business in France.

Thanks to Allison, my husband and I were both successful in obtaining our profession libérale visas and were able to relocate to France with our three children. I highly recommend Allison’s program and services.

– Lindsay

After using the Complete French Business Incubator program to successfully apply for Profession Liberale Autoentrepreneur visas, Lindsay and her husband Danny moved to the Cote d’Azur with their three children in 2019.