I always love speaking with people who followed their dreams of moving to France, and I especially love it when taking the leap to follow one dream leads to following another and another.

This week’s podcast guest Sumner Hargrove did just that – she followed her heart to Paris at age 30, leaving behind a career on Wall Street, and then again, after her children were grown, she followed another flight of fancy to go back to school to be an interior decorator and create her own design firm.

Similarly, our previous podcast guest, Francie Plough Seder, moved to France as an adult, which lead to opportunity after opportunity: first, to create her own study abroad program, and then, to partner with a French homologue, Hélène, to create their own cultural workshops to help people understand each other across borders. I’m looking forward to attending her workshop with her company CrossCultural Directions, to help our clients understand better how they can adapt to living in France, and to explore possible collaboration opportunities. We’ll keep you posted!

Here are this week’s announcements: