As new immigrants to France with limited French language skills, we were overwhelmed with the paperwork (driver’s license / CPAM / visa renewal) and sought out help.

We chose to work with Allison because we didn’t want someone who did the boilerplate thing but to work with someone who would provide a personalized solution. Allison could give us the personalized help we needed and we didn’t want to mess it up by doing it ourselves. We first thought we had it together and then COVID hit and everything sort of changed. We couldn’t keep up with everything and couldn’t even make an appointment at the préfecture in Tours. We’re cautious people and wanted to do it right.

Thanks to the help we received from Allison we did do it right! We can stay in France another year, the driver’s license exchange went through and all the things we set out to do are done or well underway.

By working with Allison we were able to benefit from her experience. Because she knows the system, she was able to handle new complications and find creative solutions or tap other resources to help solve our problems.

We’ve recommended Allison many times and would recommend working with her under any circumstances.

– Sue & Dave

Sue and Dave successfully renewed their long-stay visitor visas at the local prefecture, and we got them registered for French healthcare and exchanged their US drivers’ licenses using the new online system in 2020.