Overall the application process was positive. In general it was a step by step process & hidden things in the application that were confusing were made straightforward through the program. It made everything less stressful and a lot easier.

In previous years with other countries, I’ve had trouble with visa applications and sought out someone who had experience and knowledge because if not it seemed like the luck of the draw for people who didn’t really know the ins and outs.

I decided to work with Allison because I saw some reviews on her Facebook page of positive experiences. She has good knowledge of French bureaucracy & visas. She knows different kinds of situations for visas so you know what you qualify for and she knew the information needed for the visa I was applying for.

I would recommend Allison to anyone who wants more general information on the process and different types of visas.

– Nick

After purchasing the Fast Track to France program along with a one-hour consultation in June 2021, Nick successfully applied for his long-stay visitor visa to spend a year playing on a high-level amateur sports team in France!