It’s two weeks after school vacation supposedly ended here, and we’re in the middle of a covidtastrophe – and still not back to school! This, I hope, is an extinction burst: the last violent hurrah for an old situation that has more than worn out its welcome. We’re also celebrating the first strike of the year – against nonsensical health protocols in school, and life in France just keeps getting more interesting.

Despite the challenges of working  from home with a first grader, the Franceformation team and I have been busy working on even more content for our existing clients, and welcoming some new clients pursuing their dream of moving to France this year. We’re starting to see the first copies of Foolproof French Visas shipping out from Amazon-land, and I’m so happy to be sharing this book with you. It was such fun – and a whole lot of work! – to re-write.

But when my son FINALLY goes back to school (hopefully Friday?!) I will be enjoying the quiet and nothingness for a while.

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Here are this week’s announcements: