Allison made the process [of applying for a profession liberale visa] seem pretty easy and straightforward and she was extremely helpful. For this type of visa I wouldn’t have known what to do, so Allison’s help was tremendously valuable. I’m glad she has something like this available, because I wouldn’t have known what to do without Allison’s guidance.

Before working with Allison, I was struggling with the whole thing: type of visa I needed to get, how to go about the process of the auto entrepreneur visa, and because my goal is to stay long-term in France, I needed help in navigating an option that would allow me to stay.

At first I wasn’t going to work with anyone and then when I joined Allison’s Facebook group, I saw how knowledgeable she was. Allison seemed like she knew what she was doing and I watched some of her videos and saw how she helped others. I naturally wanted her to help me. I thought what she was offering was really good and I thought the price was great for everything she could do for me.

Because of COVID I had to wait for visa applications to open up, but I had a clear idea of how I was going to start & operate my business once I arrived in France. I knew where to find clients for my activity, what to charge for my services, and had an exciting plan for the moment I arrived in France. I am so glad that Allison helped me.

It was really beneficial having someone help me through the process. Allison gave me a straightforward answer about what I was able to do and the path I could take. She really helped with the business plan. All of the information she gives with her videos are so helpful and her book is amazing with lots of material that makes it easy for people to understand how to get to France.

Allison is smart, willing to help and gave me a clear understanding of how I could get residency. I would definitely recommend Allison in a heartbeat to anyone I know who is moving to France.

– Tecla