From Allison we learned that when it comes to French bureaucracy, ‘No doesn’t mean no. We just have to reach a compromise.’

Before working with Allison, it was a struggle understanding the process because it’s a very different bureaucratic step by step. We wanted to make sure we didn’t duplicate efforts or miss an important step and we wanted our hands held for the bureaucracy. Even if we thought we knew what we were doing, we would have wasted our efforts if we didn’t know where to go. Working with Allison was worth every bit of the fee we’ve paid.

After reading her book [Foolproof French Visas] we decided to work with Allison. The book was very comprehensive and she sounded very knowledgeable. She knew what she was talking about and was fully able to lead us through the process. I liked the fact that in the book she didn’t keep any secrets. After reading it, I believed I could do it myself, but I just didn’t want to! A lot of the info we found on our own was more applicable to British citizens who were retiring but we wanted an American guide.

Thanks to Allison’s help we could finally move to France…and eat delicious bread ! We have our visa so we could move on to France and the next step of what we want to do in our lives. It’s been a bit scary, but it’s good to know we did the process correctly so we won’t get sent home for not doing things the way they should be done.

By working with Allison we saved time and effort. We learned to trust in the process and were confident that as long as we followed the steps we would get there.

Any American considering moving to France should work with Allison.

– Julie & Russ

Julie and Russ successfully obtained their Passeport Talent – Profession Artistique visa and arrived in France in July 2021!