Before working with Allison we didn’t know what to do…we wanted to go to France and had no direction. I read Allison’s book and realized that we needed more help than the reading materials, so we contacted her. Allison made everything very clear and gave us step by step instructions and as a result, we got to fulfill our dream. I don’t think either of us were capable of following the steps without guidance. There were a lot of moving parts and Allison eliminated a lot of stress for us so we were able to engage with the rest of the transition.

It was a big thing to have confidence and be assured we were doing the right things while we were doing the other things we needed to do. She cleared the way on a weedy path we couldn’t get through ourselves; she had the lawnmower we needed.

Is there anyone else I would have worked with? No ! She’s the girl. We had our initial talk, felt a connection, and felt like we could rely on her to do what needed to be done to get us to France.

And thanks to Allison’s help, we’re here! She made it simpler for us to get here. We moved with confidence each step of the way, confidence in her guidance. So much chatter on the internet with everyone saying different things but we listened to her and were confident she had the right information.

We got to come to France! We got to live our dream and come to France and be with our family! We’re here for cheap wine, grandchildren, delicious bread. And we’re going to start our plans for building our house.

I would always recommend someone work with Allison.

– Chris J

Chris and her husband successfully applied for long-stay visitor visas and arrived in France in Fall 2021 using our Retirement VIP Concierge Package.