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This week’s questions include:

❓ If I am currently selling artworks – which I will use in my application for passport talent artistique- but I am not a registered business and am not paying income tax on their sales (just cash in hand). Will they see these as actual evidence if I can it show income tax paid on them to legitimize this activity?

❓ How do I appear as a good candidate for a work visa as an American freelancer whose clients are primarily in the States? (I’m a writer/editor and work primarily in English.)

❓ Is it smart to hire a lawyer or someone trained in immigration law to take care of this process for me? Or can it successfully be done on my own?

❓ On my primary care physician’s orders, I have not been vaccinated, and I will not be vaccinated until after my pregnancy is over (given the data/peer review studies show pregnant women have had serious complications due to COVID vaccine). My understanding is I need to ask for a Laissez-Passer from the French Embassy, to get permission to travel to France. My question is (1) does the amount of time we ask for make difference (i.e. are they more likely to grant a Laissez Passer if we ask for shorter amount of time ( 3 weeks) as opposed to a longer amount of time? (2) Also, if I am leaving out of New York City, should I be writing the New York consulate for this request? Thank you so much Allison, you are the best!.

❓ My wife is a school teacher in Texas. Your book mentioned “state pensions” were not subject to PUMA taxes and you used Social Security as an example. Do you know if her TRS (Teacher Retirement System) pension is or isn’t included in the €10,000 PUMA exemption? Her pension is paid by the state of Texas.

❓ My wife is a teacher. We plan to stop working in May 2024 and hope to move to France in June. She will be using earned sick/vacation days to stop working in May although she will be paid “earned income” through December 2024. Since we will be in France from June-December 2024 will her “earned income” be a problem with the French ‘IRS’ do you know? I don’t think it will be a problem for a long-stay visitor visa (retirement)…I’m just worried about complications with the tax service.

❓ On the French visas website the list of documents it says I need is quite short. Do I really need to be worried that they will be asking me for a lot of documents that aren’t on this list? Do you really need EVERYTHING professionally translated? (i.e. past visas in Europe, Diplomas, bank statements, pay slips from recent work outside of France)

❓ Is it difficult to change from a US LLC to a French entity? Is that the best course for the Profession Libérale visa? What expenses should be expected for that process?

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