Welcome to Episode #20 of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes. In this episode, I speak to Jen Lesaigle, who has lived all over the world and settled in France with her French husband, many years after they originally met and lost touch. We jumped right in talking about her adventures, navigating OFII during COVID and she’ll share how she started a pet concierge business helping people navigate bringing their pets to Europe when they move to France.

We’ll also hear about…

  • Jen’s experiences dealing with immigration in the UK and how this differed in other countries she has visited or lived in including France, Turkey and Bosnia
  • An unfortunate incident that Jen witnessed at her OFII appointment, highlighting the importance of being respectful, appreciative and keeping your cool with government officials in France
  • Her review of the French healthcare system and the level of care she has received while in France, in comparison to care she received in the US
  • Specific tips from Jen to travel with your pet as easily and stress-free as possible, including how to obtain a passport for your pet
  • Also, a nifty trick to keep a bottle of champagne from going flat once it’s been opened

Be sure to check out Jen’s pet concierge business, LJL Collection, to learn more about their available services: https://ljlcollection.co/

Also, here is a link to the expatriate and international insurance company Allison and Jen discussed in their conversation: https://mondassur.welcomeprotection.com/en/?p=frforma 


If you are considering moving to France like Jen, Foolproof French Visas can help you navigate the path toward finding the right visa for you. It can be purchased here: http://www.yourfranceformation.com/books or in paperback on Amazon. 

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