Thanks to Allison, I get to realize a lifelong goal of living in France! I was unsuccessful at applying for a work-visa on my own. With Allison’s help, I can now legally work as a freelancer to support myself as I experience the French lifestyle and culture.

Between visiting the visa facilitation center, application fees and other expenses, I wasted a lot of time and money unsuccessfully applying for a visa to France. I originally tried navigating the process with free guidance from well-intentioned friends-of-friends. Unbeknownst to us, while they may have already been granted their visas, their situation was too different from mine to be applicable. I can now see how Allison’s personalized assistance made all the difference. Working with Allison was a smart investment that paid off.

With Allison’s help, I created a business plan that I am confident will support me abroad. I was granted an auto-entrepreneur visa and she helped me to correctly organize my French taxes and banking for a long, happy stay in France.

Working with Allison was time-saving, there was no guesswork, and gave me confidence.

If you’re looking to properly move to France for a year or longer, I recommend you contact Allison to help you navigate the process. There are so many steps to take and factors unique to each person’s move, that going it alone or following what “someone else did,” may not get you the results you want. With Allison as my visa coach, I got guidance specific to me and was granted a visa. Thank you, Allison!

– Joanne

Joanne’s visa appointment for her Profession Liberale visa was on March 4, 2020, and before they returned her passport, France shut down! The consulate held onto her passport until visa applications reopened in June 2021, and after having her fingerprints retaken at the consulate, Joanne successfully received her visa. She arrived in France in fall 2021.