Welcome to Episode #19 of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes. In this episode, I spoke with Zachary Miller, who moved to France with his French wife for a year in 1990 to write the Great American Novel – and never left. When they decided to stay in Paris and he discovered he couldn’t continue to practice psychology, Zachary pitched a television series to the French television channel, Arte, about American Jazz musicians in Europe, and launched his career as a bilingual film producer helping international filmmakers make movies in France.

We’ll also hear:

  • How he never intended to move to France and how this gradually changed over time
  • Details about his change in career path from working as a psychologist to a filmmaker
  • How he proposed the idea for his series on Arte, “Jazz Life: American Jazz Musicians in Europe” featuring Steve Lacy and Mal Waldron, as well as a funny anecdote that lead to one of the best scenes of the series featuring jazz pianist, Mal Waldron
  • An interesting discussion between Zachary and Allison about raising bilingual children in France
  • How he created his American and French companies, and the differences between the two
  • The various film festivals he has attended and why the Cannes Film Festival is his favorite
  • Zachary’s comparisons between Paris and large cities in the US
  • His favorite parts of French and Parisian culture including French foods, wine, cheese and different neighborhoods to explore

For more information about Zachary and the films he has made: 

Discover the two musicians featured in Jazz Life: American Jazz Musicians in Europe:

To learn more and support Zachary’s next upcoming documentary, “Beauford Delaney: So Splendid A Journey”, click here: https://fiscal.thegotham.org//project.cfm/2267/Beauford-Delaney-So-Splendid-A-Journey/ 

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