In this special bonus episode of Profiles in Franceformation, our online business manager Chelley Wild interviews Your Franceformation’s creator, Allison Grant Lounes, to talk about how she first moved to France, the challenges she faced when she first arrived, and what inspired her to start helping others make the move.

Allison Grant Lounes is a consultant helping clients move to France, and the author of Foolproof French Visas and the Five Decisions Big Dreamers Make Before Their Franceformation. She’s also the creator of online courses, including Fast Track to France, the Complete French Business Incubator and Intro to Microentrepreneur. She’s admin of the Americans in France Facebook group with over 14,000 members and creator of the unique Franceformation system, helping dozens of clients annually to bring their dreams of moving to France, to reality.

In this special interview, we talk about:

  • How Allison fell in love with learning French and with the idea of going to France after her aunt spent a year doing a postdoc in Paris
  • Her experiences studying French at the Middlebury College French Language School, and how that prepared her for actually speaking French when she arrived in France
  • Her year studying abroad with Columbia University at Reid Hall, and why she decided to enroll directly in a French university to come back to Paris
  • The administrative challenges of learning how to be a grownup in a foreign country and a foreign language, and why she thinks it’s so difficult to navigate French bureaucracy
  • The one secret she tells her clients about how to actually get help from a French administration
  • The loneliness of living in France as a student with the intent to stay, and why she wishes she’d integrated the American community in France sooner
  • Her favorite parts about living in France
  • …and more

If you are considering moving to France, Foolproof French Visas can help you navigate the path toward finding the right visa for you. It can be purchased here: http://www.yourfranceformation.com/books or in paperback on Amazon.

If you would like to pursue your own Franceformation, you can also request a free 30-minute clarity call with Allison to review your visa options and decide how to move toward creating your ideal life in France: http://www.yourfranceformation.com/free-call 

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