I can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2021, and that we only have 6 weeks left before the new year. We have been so busy behind the scenes at Your Franceformation this year, adding three new team members and helping ALL of our pre-Covid clients FINALLY get their visa applications sorted and get set up in France, after submitting dozens of applications in August and September. It’s been so satisfying to finally finish some of these projects after months of waiting for the borders to open. We’ve also created tons of new content, launched a podcast and an online course, and worked on tons of new ways to support you, our clients and ensure you have the information you need to make your dream of living in France a reality.

We also launched a new monthly Q&A session so that even if you’re not planning on moving to France just yet, you. can come and get some of your questions about the process answered before scheduling a call with Allison.

With everything we’ve been doing to help you on your Franceformation journey, we want to start sending you a weekly update, to inform you of our upcoming online events and to help you find the content that can help you get ready for your Franceformation. Every Wednesday, you’ll get an email like this one with new content about moving to France, and special invitations to our live events, so you don’t miss any opportunities to get help and ask important questions.

Here are this week’s announcements: