As a non French speaking person, I needed help trying to navigate the complex French red tape. With my daily routine of caring for my mom, I didn’t have the time and patience to navigate it all. I needed help even though my wife is French speaking, because she’s a busy doctor and I was on my own.

I’d been participating in Allison’s Facebook group and found it really informational. Allison just seemed like the obvious person to work with. She seemed outgoing, accessible and had a lot of information.

Thanks to the fact that I worked with Allison, I got my visa! With her there was no language barrier. In addition, Allison is up on modern technology and it was an easy process to negotiate. The use of technology was very helpful, as was having access to the Americans in France FB group. Allison was very reassuring, she has published a book about this and I felt comfortable knowing she had the knowledge and had done it before for Americans.

Anybody wanting to come to France should definitely work with Allison! I know a lot of people who are looking to move to France during retirement. I would recommend any of those folks to her.

– Hugh

After helping him to get a livret de famille, we assisted Hugh to relocate, bringing along his elderly mother as a dependent family member, and we are assisting with other French admin through our Retirement Concierge package.