November 8, 2021: The Monthly Q&A with Allison Grant Lounes allows you to ask questions and learn about how to move to France. Q&As are free and held monthly on the first Monday of every month via zoom (and the following Monday in case of a holiday).

This week’s questions include:
❓ Can I enter France 4 weeks after leaving the EU if I stayed in Schengen for 90 days in the previous trip? If we are the spouse of an EU citizen and are staying in France for more than 90 but less than 180 days, what kind of documentation do we need to do? (I plan to work remotely for a US company during this time)
❓ What steps does a French citizen who has never been a French resident (dual national with American) follow to get their social security number and into the Amelie system? Is there a simple checklist kind of document that goes through all the administrative steps and typical timeline to expect when moving to France and establishing French residency (for an American spouse of a French citizen, if that makes any difference vs an American citizen with no French connections)
❓ Can an existing business be changed from a US LLC to a French entity easily? Is it expensive and/or necessary? Is it expensive to set up your own business in France if it is primarily online?
❓ Job searching – does anyone work remotely for a company in another European country (is it even possible)?
❓ “Good morning! Does anyone here work full-time remote for an American company that is based in the US only? I am applying for remote jobs and trying to figure out how to position myself in terms of what kind of employee I’d be. I’ve been freelancing as a 1099 for years but I don’t know what the tax status is if you’re full-time.
❓ Another work question – how did you decide whether to be a micro entrepreneur or do portage salarial?
❓ What I have never been able to get a clear answer to is carrying out a hobby that may produce a tiny bit of income at some point. The French embassy was unable to give me a definite response. I paint and have sold my work in past in the USA. People are still interested in the USA where I’ve been asked to exhibit since moving to France. I have held off because it’s such a gray area. So Allison Lounes what is your take?
❓ I am a US citizen and hold a US Coast Guard captain’s licence. I have had a retired persons VLS-TS with a carte de sejour for 4 years and spend ~6mo a year in the US. If I want to offer yacht charters on my sailboat in Europe, what kind of auto entrepreur visa do I need? If I offer yacht charters anywhere outside of France, say in Greece or in the US when I am stateside, am I still subject to French taxation and regulations?
❓ I am a part time/on call ICU nurse in the US. I’m in the process of buying a house in Foix. I want to spend >90/180 this coming summer 2022. For example, be mostly in Foix from Apr-Sep but fly back to my hospital to work for a week every 5-6 weeks. I do not expect to spend >183 days total in Foix this coming year and do not expect to have to claim France as my tax residence. If I apply for a VLS touriste or a VLS-TLS, to be able to come and go from the states for my intermittent employment, am I subject to french taxation? Am I violating the terms of my visa stating I won’t seek employment by remaining employed in the US? piggy-backing on my part-time/on-call ICU nursing position in the states, what type of visa would I need if I ALSO wanted to start a seasonal AirB&B out of my house in Foix? Can I maintain dual employment in the US as a nurse and auto-entrepreneurship in France on one type of long stay visa?
❓ How long can I stay outside of France on a valid TDS?
❓ Is it possible to change my visa status from Profession Liberal to student?
❓ My wife is a teacher and stops working in May and is able to do that because she has enough vacation days save to get her to her December retirement date. But May through December will reflect as Earned Income. We can’t get a Long Stay Visitor Visa until the following January correct?
❓ I’m still waiting for the Irish government to catch up and process my citizenship & passport that will allow me to live and work in the EU. No estimate on when they will catch up…should I go for the visa which will allow me to be an auto entrepreneur? If I do this, will I be able to change to whichever visa I need once I have the EU passport?
❓ What are the tax implications of working remotely for an American company while living in France? Are there any work arounds available?
❓ i have a small company based in morocco, we are working on video games industry with companies from france and around the world , we have some problems here in morocco with the bank system and i want to ask you how can i move to france and continue working there , what is the best choice for my situation ? Creat enew company in france or apply for visa talent? 
❓ Is it possible to change my student’s visa to salaried, working for a particular person/family ? If this request or application is refused or not approved, could I re-apply and continue to enrol in a school so that I don’t loose my legal status here in France ? I’ve heard about having residency for 5 years in France could potentially allow to apply for a CDS. What are the requirements here ? Does being a student count towards the 5 years residency ? I have been working part-time as allowed and have been filing taxes since I arrived here in France.
❓ I plan to work seasonally in my home country for another 10-12 years at relatively high income. My spouse does not work. Will I/we qualify for a long-term visa without entering the French tax system?
❓ I have documentation that my health insurance carrier at home covers claims Incurred anywhere in the world. Would this mitigate any of the required French insurance requirements?
I was reading on the French embassy’s website that when you arrive in France you have to present proof of accommodation for the whole duration of your stay in France. But I wanted to get a long-stay visa and basically move to several different regions and stay in Air B&Bs and the like without a lot of advance planning. So how would that issue be addressed? Thanks!
❓ “We just purchased a home as a second residence in France. We plan on utilizing the 90 day in/out rule. Do we need to obtain any particular visa if we strictly follow this rule?
What benefits does the long stay visa bestow vs the 90 day rule?” We will own a home in France as of Nov 24. Because of this purchase I believe we will have to submit a French tax form sometime next year correct?


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