Episode #11of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and today my guest is Richard Nahem, tour guide and creator of the website Eye Prefer Paris. Richard fell in love with Paris when he first visited the city at the age of 20, and vowed to himself that he would one day live in Paris. Fast forward to 2005, when Richard and his partner, Vincent, made the leap and sold their apartment in New York to live their dream in Paris. 

In today’s episode, we chat about the details of that life-changing move to France, as well as how Richard created his business Eye Prefer Paris and integrated into French culture. We also learn:

  • What sort of challenges Richard faced when moving to France and integrating into the culture.
  • How Richard started his business in France and how he has marketed his website and guided tours to clients.
  • We will hear how Richard’s business was impacted by COVID-19 and the lockdowns within Paris. 
  • We also learn which French cities and Parisian museums Richard was able to visit during the brief period between lockdowns in France this past year. 
  • You will hear a hilarious anecdote about Richard’s visit to a French bank. This type of story is something that American Ex-pats are all too familiar with in France. 
  • Richard discusses his knowledge of the French language and how he has learned French since moving to Paris. 
  • Richard’s thoughts on the cultural differences between France and the United States, as well as differences between foods, shopping, tipping in restaurants and the cost of wine.
  • We hear Richard’s advice to anyone thinking about moving to France.

For more information about Richard’s tours throughout Paris, visit his website ipreferparis.net.

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