Welcome to Episode 10 of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and today, my guest is Mundey Young, founder of Mundey Young Coaching. She is a US Air Force veteran, mother, wife and entrepreneur who has been coaching people from around the world for 9 years. While she’s originally from the States, she has been living in Europe for 18 years, and in France, working for herself and living that dream for the past 15 years, and is now in Marseille. Her specialty is in helping expats create and live the vision they have for their life no matter where they are.

Mundey also hosts a podcast on World Radio Paris “Living La Belle Vie“, which supports expats in France, and she has a youtube channel supporting the international expat community called “Mundey Young Coaching”. You can find her at mundeyyoung.com, or at any of the social media profiles here: 
LinkedIn  💜 Facebook  💜 Twitter @MundeyY 💜 Instagram @mundeyyoungcoaching

In this episode, we discuss how Mundey keeps recreating herself, creating something positive in the world, and :

  • How Mundey moved to England with her French (now ex-) husband, in 2000 and then followed him to Paris in 2005
  • Why she gave up her career as a chef to pursue other entrepreneurial dreams in France
  • Why she found it SO DIFFICULT to adapt to living in Paris and so frustrating that nobody spoke English – and the value of putting herself out there and volunteering to make friends and connections locally.
  • How she found friendship, comfort, and commiseration in the Anglophone & expat community in Paris, but then found the “turnover” difficult
  • Making French friends: Mundey’s pragmatic tips for acting like an extrovert to forge true connection and pursuing the friendships you want in France*
  • How Mundey built a thriving first business in Paris managing expats’ rental apartments, all through the connections she made within the English-speaking community in France
  • Her failed first attempt at requesting French naturalization, and why she felt she fully deserved her French passport when she finally got it
  • The psychological games we play when navigating French administration and trying to get stuff done
  • Her advice on being flexible and avoiding setting expectations when you move to a new country

*If you want to hear the interview where we learn why French people are like coconuts and Americans are like peaches, listen to Episode 4.

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