Welcome to Episode 7 of Profiles in Franceformation! I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes. In this episode, I interview Suzanne White, an American woman who came to Paris from Buffalo, New York, at age 22, in 1961. Suzanne is the author of a book called The New Chinese Astrology and a memoir about her life in France entitled Unmitigated Gaul, both of which are available on Amazon. We talk about her multiple moves back and forth across the Atlantic, how she got into writing about Chinese Astrology, and the cancer disaster that made her move from the US to France permanent.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • After a conservative upbringing and being “overly emotional” for her family, Suzanne moved to Paris in 1961 and finally felt free to be herself and to express herself
  • Our shared love for the 14th arrondissement, where she spent her Paris years until 2006, and where I spent my first few years in Paris
  • The surprise she got when she went to find a bilingual psychologist in Paris, living right around the corner from her
  • How Suzanne became a writer, and how she became the leading expert on Chinese astrology in the 1970s
  • Why she temporarily returned to the US when her daughters were born, and how she brought up two children between cultures
  • The doctor’s mistake that led to her health insurance being canceled in America, and how that bankruptcy brought her home to France.
  • The hybrid language bilingual Americans speak in France, and the fun of communicating in two languages at the same time

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